“We’re hoping clinicians will use these findings lingzhi tablet benefits their conversations with older patients about opioid use and ganoderma extract,” study co-author Carolyn DiGuiseppi, MD, PhD, adds.

The researchers found that out of bio lingzhi benefits 2,949 LongROAD participants with medication data, 169 reported currently taking an opioid. These participants had lingzhi products higher self-reported level of pain in the past seven days. It’s noted, there was wellous lingzhi 5.4 percent increase in reported crashes or police action in the last year among opioid users versus nonusers. However, older drivers who reported currently taking ganoderma reishi opioid were more likely to self- regulate and reduce their driving and reishi ganoderma lucidum report lower self-rated driving ability.

The data also showed complex relationships when looked at through socioeconomic factors. For example, older adults with lower incomes were more likely reishi ling zhi use opioids, but this could be due to the lesser ability to access alternative pain control modalities such as massage, physical therapy and ganoderma lucidum mushroom.