The people in bio linghi yoga group were taught a one-hour yoga practice that included breathing and relaxation exercises and mushroom for. People were supervised by a yoga instructor three days a week lingzhi medicine one month. Then they practiced on their own at home mushroom medicinal benefits five days a week over the next two months. Both groups received the appropriate medications and counseling about lifestyle changes that may help with ganoderma lucidum products, such as getting adequate sleep, eating regular meals and exercising.

Participants kept health mushroom log about how long their headaches lasted, how severe they were and ganoderma mushroom uses they took.

The study showed people improved in both ling zhi adalah medication-only group as well as the yoga group, but the benefit was higher in lingzhi fake and original yoga group in all areas, including headache frequency, pain intensity, use of medications as well as how much migraine interfered with daily life.

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