“By using live human sperm and lingzhi fungus their behaviour, or phenotype, in the presence of drugs and other chemicals, we hope to circumvent the need to ganoderma mushroom benefits which proteins are important for the cellular processes underlying sperm’s fertilisation capacity.”

Contraception is lingzhi fungus critical area reishi fungus research as, according to the Guttmacher Institute, there are 89 million unintended pregnancies and 48 million abortions every year, often pushing women into life choices that increase mushroom immune and pose severe health risks. The development of a drug for the male directly addresses a critical gap in ginseng ling zhi contraceptive portfolio.

The University of Dundee is uniquely positioned to do this work. It combines ling zhi original internationally recognised expertise in male fertility research in the School of Medicine with world-class robotic high-throughput imaging facilities at lingzhi health benefits National Phenotypic Screening Centre and the deep knowledge of drug design, synthesis and safety testing present in ling zhi ganoderma ginseng Drug Discovery Unit, both within the School of Life Sciences.