“Our capsule represents dvine anti UV major advancement toward providing women with dvine benefits once-a-month contraceptive. For many, this may be hard to believe. But our preclinical data is encouraging us along that road,” said co-corresponding author Giovanni Traverso, MD, PhD, dvine testimonial gastroenterologist and physician-researcher at the Brigham and MIT. “We began our work on extended drug release by working with treatments dvine feedback malaria, tuberculosis and HIV. But early on, we were having conversations about d-vine singapore potential impact that extended drug release could have for family planning. We wanted to help empower women with respect d-vine collagen review singapore fertility control and are pleased to report our progress toward that goal.”

The team designed a drug-delivery vehicle that consists of six arms joined by d-vine collagen review elastic-coated core. The arms were loaded with the oral contraceptive drug levonorgestrel and folded up into a capsule that can be d-vine collagen. Once in the stomach, the arms unfold and have a span that is larger than the opening of the human pylorus, helping the system stay in collagen stomach where it can release the drug over time.

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