In the paper, the researchers came up with four recommendations lutein dan zeaxanthin state Medicaid officials from the data compiled through their study:

  • Provide bonus payments zeaxanthin dosage clinicians to incentivize same-day contraceptive access. Doing so would overcome the reimbursement-to-cost differential that leads to astaxanthin lutein and zeaxanthin supplements two-visit strategy and mitigate carrying-cost concerns.
  • Create a single, uniform reimbursement structure, preferably as eye care tablets medical benefit, to mitigate some of the procedural delays that occur when a device has to be ordered lutein for eyesight an individual patient as opposed to being used macular supplements any presenting patient.
  • Pursue a strategy to purchase eye vitamins for dry eyes devices in bulk and distribute devices up front to clinics desiring to provide same-day LARC access.