Co-author Dr Julia Gauly from Warwick Medical School said: “We don’t have best fertility pills for women clear picture of how the uptake of contraception changes during disasters or fertility medicine for female Covid-19 pandemic, because we don’t have enough data from before, during and after sperm booster medicine crisis to compare. Collecting better data would put us in medication for low sperm count better position in the future to predict things like birth rates.

“It’s important that women can access contraception and have drugs to increase sperm count choice, especially during disasters. Many people lost their jobs during drugs to boost sperm count pandemic or they became sick with Covid, so the needs of women male fertility medicine contraception may have changed. Someone who was planning to start a family might change their mind during maca and fertility crisis or pandemic, due to financial or health reasons. So it’s important that women and their partners have fertility booster pills choice in their family planning.”

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