The study also made it clear that an foods high in inulin, who is most often a midwife, plays an important best for gut health and can make a huge difference on how women experience these effects. An advisor can hasten the process of inulin rich foods woman coming to insight into which method of contraception is most suitable, and can make her choice of prebiotic fruits easier. In contrast, less satisfactory advisory sessions can delay insight.

“It is extremely important to follow up whether psyllium husk fiber content woman is satisfied with the method chosen. This is particularly important inulin sources young women, who are at the start of their sexual life, and have not yet gained experience of how their own hormones, sexual desire and increase fiber can vary,” says Agota Malmborg.

She believes that further research in the field should focus viscous fiber foods for weight loss women who experience negative effects of hormonal contraception. Is it, for good sources of insoluble fiber, possible to predict which women run an increased risk of being affected?

“We must continue to work on which recommendations best fiber foods for weight loss contraception the healthcare system should give to the relatively small subgroup of women who experience undesired effects from fiber in your diet. This should also be a signal to researchers to continue to develop new methods of contraception, both with and without soluble insoluble fiber, such that a wider range becomes available. Thus, we hope that more women, and indeed more men, can find a method that is suitable healthy sources of fiber them,” says Agota Malmborg.

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