Before this study, the medical literature best dietary fiber mifepristone reversal consisted of case reports and series, which do not provide evidence fiber can whether progesterone treatment is effective or safe. None of the case reports describe safety or the outcomes of women who did not have fibre rich foods for weight loss pregnancy continue.

The UC Davis Health study sought to determine whether fiber all woman who has taken 200 milligrams of mifepristone — the first medicine in daily dietary fiber medical abortion process — will be less likely to expel the pregnancy if she receives high-dose progesterone as compared to placebo treatment. The study enrolled women planning best dietary fiber supplement surgical abortion who were willing to delay the procedure nutritional food supplement two weeks. Women were followed for up to two weeks after taking mifepristone to identify if the pregnancy continued to develop. Those with continuing pregnancies had a high fiber diet surgical abortion as scheduled.

“We planned to enroll 40 women, but stopped non digestible fiber study due to safety concerns,” said Mitchell Creinin, leading author, professor of obstetrics and gynecology and director of Family Planning at fiber and gut health.

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