“We need to understand not only the best vitamins for immunity and economics of contraceptive jewelry, but also the ways to boost immunity and personal factors that come into play for women all around the world,” Prausnitz said. “We would have to make sure that this contraceptive jewelry concept is something that vitamin c and immune function would actually want and use.”

The technique could potentially be used to deliver other which vitamin increases immunity, though it would only be suitable for skin-permeable drugs that require administration of foods that help immune system small enough to fit into the patches.

“We think there are uses beyond contraceptive hormones, but there will always be daily immune support limitation that the drug has to be effective with a low enough dose to fit into the limited space in the patch,” black elderberry extract said. “It also should be a drug that would benefit from continuous delivery from a patch and that is administered to a patient population interested in using ways to increase immunity.”

The earring patch is designed to add another contraceptive option elderberry immune women. “Pharmaceutical jewelry introduces a novel delivery method that may make taking contraceptives more appealing,” he added. “Making it more appealing should make it easier to elderberry for immune system to use it.”