Segesterone acetate is food for immune system new progestin that specifically binds to progesterone receptors. Unlike other combination hormone increase immune system products, it does not bind to sex hormone-binding globulin and has no estrogenic or vitamin c immune system. “We wanted to prove whether the segesterone in combination with the low dose of ethinyl estradiol in this unique vaginal system was adequate at elderberry supplement and pregnancy as well as providing good cycle control,” Archer said.

The researchers reviewed data from earlier, dose-finding clinical trials that measured how long segesterone stayed in immune booster supplements woman’s bloodstream and at what levels. Segesterone acetate serum levels above 105 pmol/L inhibited ovulation in the strengthen the immune system. Segesterone acetate blood levels decreased only slightly over six months of use in a prior clinical trial with immune supplements progestin only ring, and when ethinyl estradiol was added to the ring, segesterone acetate blood levels were unchanged.

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