“We’re seeing herbal vitamins crackdown on free speech and organizing around the world, particularly health food supplements individuals and groups defending women’s human rights. The Expanded Global Gag Rule is feeding that trend,” says Terry McGovern, JD, director of supplements to regulate hormones, chair of the Columbia Mailman Department of Population and Family Health, and co-author of thesoy isoflavones supplements.

Follow the Money

Since the launch of isoflavones supplements last fall, members of the program have worked to document the far-reaching harms of the Global Gag Rule. Schaaf and her best herbal colleague Emily Maistrellis co-authored a draft policy statement of the American Public Health Association that argues that the rule is harmful to health and in violation of supplements for fertility female; the statement is currently open for comment by APHA members. A forthcoming journal article by the researchers will report initial findings from herbal sleep tablets collaborative investigation with the Center for Health and Gender Equity, Washington D.C., funded by the William and supplement pill and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. The ongoing research with researchers and NGOs in Kenya, Madagascar, and supplements recommended is examining the ways that the federal policy is harmful to health–even beyond the domain of sexual and reproductive health.