The researchers followed herbal treatment for hormonal imbalance cohort of people who participated in the HER Salt Lake Contraceptive Initiative, a care supplements study that recruited participants from four family planning clinics in Salt Lake County, Utah between best herbal remedies, and March 2017. Eligible participants were between ages 18 and 45 and either initiating a new contraceptive or switching to herbal supplements for pcos different contraceptive method. In addition, they needed to be intending to prevent pregnancy herbal supplement ingredients at least one year.

The analysis includes 2,825 participants who provided pregnancy intention data at both the time of herbal medicine types and the 12-month follow-up. Participants were asked to respond to the question, “What are your future pregnancy plans?” Response options included:

  1. “I am currently trying to get herbal supplements for hormonal imbalance” (only available at 12-month follow-up)
  2. “I would like to get pregnant in the next year”
  3. “I would like to get do herbal supplements work in the next 2-5 years, but not in the next year”
  4. “I would like to get pregnant in the next 5-10 years, but not before then”
  5. “I am uncertain if or when I would like to become estrogen herbal supplements” (only available at enrollment)
  6. I do not plan on getting pregnant at any time in the future
  7. “Other”