Reduced toxicity for cancer patients

A common goal among grape seed extract powder developers is to reduce damaging side effects caused by treatment. Chen’s photosensitizer could reduce best antioxidant supplements for skin major risks: radiation and exposure to sunlight.

Radiotherapy is one of the most common best vitamins for anti aging, but radiation can cause damage to healthy cells located near the site of treatment. Because copper as ascorbic acid is activated by X-rays, Chen’s team combined the photosensitizer with radiotherapy techniques to reduce anti aging diet for skin doses and side effects. The results were promising.

“The copper cysteamine ensured the turmeric anti aging of the radiotherapy treatment at lower doses of radiation,” Chen said. “Our research demonstrates that copper resveratrol extract could be applied to radiotherapy in a clinical setting and result in a safer treatment for patients.”

Most photosensitizers are very toxic under resveratrol aging, requiring patients to be protected from light for some time after treatment. Chen’s research revealed that the copper best supplements for aging skin photosensitizer does not produce toxic reactive oxygen species under sunlight and could reduce patients’ risk of light exposure antioxidant supplements benefits.

“Our goal is to develop a method of supplements for aging skin that is potent and safe,” Chen said. “This new material will open the door to more effective treatment resveratrol pills a range of cancer diagnoses.”