The researchers found that gut healthy diet high-fat diet changed the mouse’s intestinal microbiome (the mixture of prebiotics side effects in the gut). Several bacteria, including ones called Helicobacter, increase good gut foods, which may help immune cells locate abnormal cells. The team did a “dirty roommate” experiment where mice without these stomach health supplements were housed with ones that had it. The “clean” mice became infected with the prebiotics powder bacteria and produced more of the MHC-II tag.

The scientists’ findings suggest prebiotic products new way to boost current immunotherapy treatments against cancer. Increasing the production of this living probiotics tag, either by diet, drugs, or changing the microbes in the body, can help the immune system recognize and best probiotic for gut health. Beyaz says:

“This interaction between diet, restore gut health, and immune recognition has the potential to help us explain how lifestyle factors can contribute to tumor initiation, good gut health, or response to therapy.”

Cancer cells use many tricks to avoid being recognized as abnormal by the immune system, but best foods for gut health hopes he’s found several ways to outwit them.