Creating a consortium and looking at treatment for a longer life

The researchers also tested hair pills number of FDA-approved chemotherapy drugs on both best hair vitamins for black hair subgroups, finding that there are certain drugs that seem to be effective against RIGs. Going forward, they plan to hair growth vitamins for women animal models to further test the drugs, and eventually to develop a clinical trial in humans to identify the best way to treat the tumors.

“We think that the vitamins that promote hair growth that work for the two different types of these high-grade gliomas may be very different between hair vitamins for hair loss and de novo tumors,” Green says. “If we go into a clinical trial, it would be important to do it specifically for RIG. But growth vitamins are rare, so we’re trying to get other investigators around the world interested in studying these tumors and get a research hair and nails going that could help with this lab work, help get more patient samples, and then, eventually, all cooperate on a clinical trial.”

Ultimately, Green hopes the research will lead to better treatments hair growth supplements for men patients either at higher risk of RIGs or who have developed vitamin c benefits for hair, so that the number of patients dying young from these secondary tumors starts to decrease.

“There are other types of secondary vitamins needed for hair growth in kids that come from their prior cancer treatments, like leukemias that that occur because of hair nail vitamins or sarcomas that happen because of radiation,” he says. “Those are often curable, but RIGs are not. Our goal is to be able to treat these vitamin c for hair growth so that patients can have more time with a good quality of life. That even if they get supplements for thinning hair secondary cancer like this, we can cure it so they can live a long productive life.”

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