“Rather than homing in on supplement malaysia few suspected molecules, we’re interested in getting tongkat ali benefits more holistic picture of the tumor microenvironment. That’s because the tumor is not just the erojan malaysia. The microenvironment contains a complex combination of the tumor stroma, blood vessels, infiltrating inflammatory cells, and tongkat ali booster variety of associated tissue cells,” said Barman. “Our idea is to take this approach and systematize it so it can be used by wellous product to determine whether immunotherapy will be beneficial for the patient.”

The team used the Raman data — approximately 7,500 spectral data points from 25 tumors — to train an algorithm to determine malaysian ginseng range of features that were induced by immunotherapy.

“Our question was can we differentiate between the three groups, and then what are the maca booster spectral features that are allowing us to differentiate between them,” said Barman.

The team used data from different mice to build health supplement malaysia machine learning classifier and test its performance. The goal was to mimic the biological variability the algorithm would encounter when presented with wellness products.

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