The researchers tested two forms bio grape seed testimoni iron oxide nanoparticles, which bio grape seed kkm biodegradable and can be guided and heated with magnetic fields, as male contraceptives. One type of nanoparticle was coated with polyethylene glycol (bio grape seed bpom) and the other with citric acid. Although the PEG-coated nanoparticles could be heated to higher temperatures, they were not as easily manipulated by magnets as wellous bio grape seed singapore other ones. So the researchers injected repeated doses of citric acid-coated nanoparticles into wellous bio grape seed sg bloodstream of mice for 2 days, guided the nanomaterials to the testes with magnets, and then applied an alternating magnetic field to bio grape area for 15 minutes. The nanoparticles heated the testes to a temperature of 104 F, shrinking them and inhibiting spermatogenesis before gradual recovery 30 to 60 days after treatment. The mice couldn’t father any pups 7 days after treatment, but they were back to fathering about 12 pups per pregnant female at day 60. The nanoparticles were non-toxic to cells and were gradually eliminated from bio grape seed benefits body, offering new possibilities bio grape seed price malaysia male contraception, the researchers say.

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