“Finding an effective male contraceptive would be reishi gano major step bio lingzhi fake addressing that inequality.”

There is an urgent need to develop new methods bio lingzhi tablet kkm male contraception, however drug discovery efforts have been hampered lingzhi mushroom benefits a variety of reasons. Firstly, by the relatively poor understanding of human sperm biology. Secondly, by bio lingzhi wellous lack of studies that convincingly link a protein target in human sperm to bio lingzhi malaysia key functions that sperm must carry out after leaving the male, and thirdly the absence of mushroom reishi benefits efficient system to screen the effects of lingzhi tablet benefits myriad chemicals and known drugs that are available.

To address these deficits, the researchers at Dundee developed ganoderma extract miniaturised parallel testing system run by a robot that uses a fast microscope and image-processing tools that precisely track bio lingzhi benefits very fast movement of human sperm, thus allowing the effects of drugs to be accurately measured.

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