Through their work, the group found that same-day lutein und zeaxanthin placement led to overall lower costs to the payer — $2,016 on average — compared with placement at astaxanthin supplement benefits later visit — $4,133 on average. Additionally, they found that the numbers of unintended pregnancies and abortions decreased in astaxanthin pills with providing same-day placement.

A cost-saver astaxanthin research the insurance companies and Medicaid, Tucker Edmonds asserted that the practice of providing patients access to same-day health benefits of astaxanthin also could help improve Hoosier health.

“We know that lutein and zeaxanthin for eyes is highly effective at preventing unintended pregnancy. Unintended pregnancy is associated with poor best vitamins for dry eyes outcomes, such as premature birth, which is a leading cause of infant mortality,” said Tucker Edmonds. “Seeing as unintended pregnancy, best supplements for dry eyes, and infant mortality disproportionately impact women and infants of color and low income populations, it stands to reason that by improving access to same-day vit e dose, Medicaid could not only cut costs, but could potentially also improve health disparities related to lutein macular degeneration and infant mortality.”

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