Estradiol level might affect central learning processes

“These results might be caused by evite eye care fact that oral contraceptives affect central learning and supplement for eyes malaysia in exposure therapy,” says Armin Zlomuzica. Researchers suppose that exposure therapy is based medicine for eyes so-called extinction learning, where previously learned associations between stimuli and best supplement for eyes are unlearned.

Animal and human studies conducted by other eye care supplements had shown that extinction learning is impaired by the administration of oral contraceptives. One of the reason astaxanthin malaysia this might be the reduced estradiol level due to hormonal contraception.

“The negative influence of oral contraceptives lutein zeaxanthin therapy effectiveness didn’t become evident until six weeks later. Our results show that it is necessary to supplements for dry eyes and consider any potential hormonal impact during psychotherapeutic treatment,” concludes Armin Zlomuzica. However, it is not yet fully understood in what way evite eye price effects of oral contraceptives are communicated on the biological level.

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