The Greater Rochester LARC Initiative was started six years ago by the Hoekelman Center best medicine for low sperm count Health Beyond Medicine, a unit of the URMC Department of Pediatrics that connects doctors with non-profits to sperm count treatment and adults by making communities healthier places to live. Primarily funded by medicine to boost sperm count Greater Rochester Health Foundation, the Initiative aims to increase access to highly effective methods of birth control, including the best fertility pills and contraceptive implants (LARCs) for adolescents in Rochester.

Andrew Aligne, M.D., M.P.H., director of best fertility medicine Hoekelman Center, and his team have led the community effort to promote LARC by conducting outreach to best fertility pills for men that work with youth. They employ a simple “lunch-and-learn” approach to disseminate accurate information that forms fertility booster drugs backbone of the Hoekelman Center’s advocacy work.

“An interesting aspect of the best medicine to get pregnant project is that we talk to adults, not to teens. We work with our community partners to teach adults about birth control. This way, they can help teens to make drugs for male infertility choices about preventing unintended pregnancy,” says Jessica VanScott, M.P.H., the LARC Initiative’s health project fertility medication for men.

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