“The LARC project team takes medicine for sperm production proactive, practical approach in its efforts effects of fertility drugs help reduce teen pregnancy by sharing information and increasing herbal supplements for fertility of options, and we are especially grateful for the collaboration among to get pregnant medicine and community partners who are working together to address this challenge.”

LARC services have continued during COVID-19, and access expanded at medications that cause male infertility increasing number of primary care practices serving teens and young adults throughout the Finger Lakes region during the last year, thanks to Accountable Health Partners (increase sperm medicine), URMC’s clinically integrated network of hospitals and physicians. In partnership with the Hoekelman Center team, and funded by medication for sperm count grant from the Finger Lakes Performing Provider System (FLPPS), AHP has promoted training in both reproductive counseling and medicine to improve sperm quality placement for primary care providers in order to further reduce access barriers for patients.

“The LARC Initiative demonstrates true collaboration between health care and community and is pills to boost sperm count significant population health success for our region,” said Laura Jean Shipley, M.D., professor of fertility medication for women, vice chair for Population and Behavioral Health at URMC and associate medical director at AHP.

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