Dr Diana Mansour, Vice President, high fiber meals, of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (gut detox) comments: “The analysis shows that women’s motivations to use fertility apps are foods high in prebiotics, may overlap and change with time. Therefore, it’s understandable that during the COVID-19 pandemic, women may choose to turn to types of dietary fiber as a logical solution sources of dietary fibre avoiding face-to-face consultations.

“However, we still don’t know how well many water soluble fiber these apps work to prevent unplanned pregnancies. All require correct and soluble dietary fiber use with daily inputting of data. Fertility awareness apps have the potential to broaden contraception choice, but at present it’s important to treat fertility apps high fibre foods for weight loss contraceptive purposes with caution.”

She adds: “If women need to start contraception or get health food supplements repeat prescription during the COVID-19 pandemic, I advise them to call their GP or high fiber diet for constipation to discuss their need. Most GP practices will be able to issue an electronic prescription that women can collect in their nearby pharmacy; other services can foods with inulin/post their preferred method.”

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