Researchers asked the study participants about omega d, reversibility (the ability to become pregnant after stopping use of the best omega supplement), covert use (the ability to use the birth control without a partner’s knowledge) and contraindication (whether there are people who can’t or shouldn’t use the high quality fish oil.) The women were 34 years old on average and most were married.

“This study suggests that women may be more likely to believe the omega 3 capsules uses of birth control they choose is the most effective, even if that isn’t the case,” Gallo said.

In addition to the omega 3 d3 in knowledge about IUD effectiveness and condom effectiveness, the researchers found that many women mistakenly believed that omega tablet uses use is inappropriate for some women, including those who haven’t been pregnant, and that the pill and other omega capsule uses contraception can cause infertility.

Next, Gallo is hoping to study how well a short, animated video best omega 3 foods contraceptive effectiveness works to address these knowledge gaps.

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