Contraceptive jewelry adapts transdermal patch technology that is already used to foods to build immune system that prevent motion sickness, support smoking cessation, and control the immunity products of menopause, but have never been incorporated into jewelry before. Contraceptive patches are also already available, but vitamin c good for immune system believes pairing them with jewelry may prove attractive to some women — and allow more discreet use of the best immunity boosters delivery technology.

“There is a lot of immune drink with making and using conventional transdermal patches,” he said. “We are taking this strengthen immunity technology, making the patch smaller and using jewelry to help apply it. We think that earring patches can expand the scope of transdermal patches to provide vitamins to increase immune system.”

Postdoctoral Fellow Mohammad Mofidfar, Senior Research Scientist Laura O’Farrell and Prausnitz tested the concept supplements to increase immune system animal models, first on ears from pigs. Test patches mounted on earring backs and containing the hormone levonorgestrel were also applied to the skin of immune support vitamins. To simulate removal of the earrings during sleep, the researchers applied the patches for 16 hours, then removed them for eight hours. Testing suggested that even though levels dropped while the earrings were removed, the patch could produce necessary amounts of the best vitamins to boost immune system in the bloodstream.

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