They looked at supplements to balance hormones healthy women with a median age of 22.5 years old and a contraceptive implant in place natural herbs between 12 and 36 months.

The researchers found that 5 percent of women tested had estrogen supplements gene called CYP3A7*1C that is usually active in fetuses and then switched off before birth. But some women with this gene continue to make the treatment herbs enzyme into adulthood.

“That enzyme breaks down the hormones in herbal production and may put women at a higher risk of pregnancy while using contraceptives, especially lower dose methods,” supplements for hormonal imbalance said.

The variant could be found during genetic screening.

“When herbal remedy woman says she got pregnant while on birth control the assumption was always that it was somehow her fault,” Lazorwitz said. “But these findings show that we should herbal health to our patients and consider if there is something in their genes that caused this.”

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