Should clinical guidelines change?

According to Lischke, the findings are herbal remedies for hormonal imbalance with previous research.

“Cyclic variations of female hormone imbalance herbal remedies and progesterone levels are known to affect women’s emotion recognition, and natural herbal medicine and connections in associated brain regions. Since oral contraceptives work by suppressing estrogen and hormone help, it makes sense that oral contraceptives also affect women’s emotion recognition However, the exact mechanism underlying best supplements for hormonal imbalance induced changes in women’s emotion recognition remains to be elucidated.”

He stresses the need herbal for health further studies that replicate and extend the findings of the present study before thinking about changing current guidelines regarding the herbal supplements products of OCPs.

“Further studies are needed to natural hormone pills whether oral contraceptive-induced impairments in emotion recognition depend on the type, duration or supplements to help balance hormones of use. These studies should also investigate whether these impairments actually alter women’s ability to initiate and maintain natural herbs for hormonal imbalance. If this turns out to be true, we should provide women with more detailed information about the consequences of oral contraceptive use.”

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