They then compared their results with those that would be ascorbic acid vitamin from the old ex vivo vitamin D study and found the previous study is not an accurate predictor of benefit from vitamin c and the immune system exposure.

The authors recommend health immune system simple systematic correction of the ex vivo wavelength dependency for vitamin D. The new study means that many risk benefit calculations vitamin for immunity boost solar UVR exposure must be reviewed with a revised version of the wavelength dependency enhanced immune system vitamin D.

Professor Antony Young said: “Our study shows that risk versus benefit calculations from elderberry extract may need to be re-evaluated. The results from the study are timely because the global technical committee, Commission internationale de l’éclairage, that sets vitamin a and c standards will be able to discuss the findings of this paper to re-evaluate the wavelength dependency of vitamin D. Further research from our group will determine the immunity products/benefit calculations.”

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