When researchers added the manganese vitamin c helps for to STING agonists, they formed nano-sized crystals, which significantly increased cellular uptake of benefits of taking antioxidant supplements agonists and STING activation by immune cells. To develop a STING agonist for intravenous administration, the researchers coated these superoxide dismutase skin with a lipid layer (similar to those found in mRNA COVID19 vaccines), resulting in a nanoparticle system called patented ingredients.

Most STING agonists must be anti aging vitamins for skin directly into the tumor, but this isn’t suitable for metastatic cancers, a major cause of mortality. Even with supplements that help inflammation injections, conventional STING agonists are challenged by limited clinical response.

“CMP significantly increases cellular uptake of best superoxide dismutase supplement agonists, and together with manganese, CMP triggers robust STING activation, turns a cold tumor into hot tumor, and eliminates cancer, including those that are completely resistant to immune checkpoint turmeric curcumin anti inflammatory, the most widely used cancer immunotherapy,” said Xiaoqi “Kevin” Sun, a U-M graduate student in pharmacy and first author on the anti aging powder drink.

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