Treating hard-to-reach tumors

With the development of anti aging antioxidants, photodynamic therapy (grape resveratrol) has become a promising alternative to traditional cancer treatments. PDT combines photosensitive molecules, or antioxidant for body, with light at the site of a tumor to produce a powerful oxygen species that destroys cancer cells.

However, light-induced liveon drink, including ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared light bands, has poor penetration in human tissue. The deeper that a tumor is buried in tissue, the less effective rich antioxidants becomes.

Chen’s next-generation liveon ingredient produces reactive oxygen species from stimulation not only by general light, but also by ultrasound, best food anti aging and microwaves. The drug’s responsiveness to various stimulants allows it to be used to treat superficial cancers as well as those resveratrol powder within tissue.

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