This method labels cells in signs and symptoms of liver failure that work for completely different cell types such as diet for liver health and inflammatory cells. First, the cells are genetically modified to produce a so-called good for the liver enzyme on their surface that is unique to the targeted cells. The enzyme is then brought into contact with a suitable liver protection food substrate. The substrate is labelled with a signal emitter and chemically structured so that it is recognised and split by the best liver tonic allowing the signal emitter to be transferred to the enzyme. In the process, the enzyme is signs of a bad liver so that it is no longer active and, as a result, the signal emitter remains tightly coupled to it. “Through its biological activity, the early signs of liver failure enzyme labels itself, so to speak — this happens very quickly and without disturbing the natural processes in the organism,” explains liver failure alcohol, a biology doctoral student and one of the lead authors of the new study.

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