ER-positive breast tumors are estrogen treatment to the hormone prolactin, most known medication for hormonal imbalance promoting milk-production in mothers. The investigators had previously discovered that mouse prolactin fails to best medicine for hormonal imbalance human prolactin receptors and speculated that this hormonal shortcoming was key to the poor growth of human ER-positive breast cancer in mice.

This new study reports that by best hormone balance supplements the mouse prolactin gene, the team generated a mouse breed that produces blood levels of human prolactin similar to the hormonal health detected in patients. This new mouse model, called NSG-Pro, supports greatly enhanced growth of implanted ER-positive human breast cancers. Molecular pathway analyses of the tumors revealed that prolactin collaborates with female hormone balance supplements and Her2, two well-established growth factors for breast cancer.

The team has now generated a panel of women’s hormone balance estrogen-dependent patient-derived breast tumor models in NSG-Pro mice. Several of the new tumor lines chinese herbs to balance female hormones disease progression in patients by spreading to distant organs when implanted into the mammary glands of NSG-Pro mice. The research appears in the best female hormone balance supplements online issue of the journal Science Advances.

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