“We are particularly excited about the hormone help to study distant metastases and test the effectiveness of drugs on advanced stage hormonal imbalance treatment for females breast cancer, because until now such experimental models have not been available,” says Hallgeir Rui, herbal medicine for hormonal imbalance Endowed Professor of Breast Cancer Research; director of the MCW Tissue Bank; and professor and vice chair of best herbs for hormone balance, Pathology at MCW. “This is particularly important because breast cancer patients die from distant metastases.”

Intriguingly, after surgically removing the pcos and hormonal imbalance from the mouse mammary glands, the team documented that two different prolactin-blocking treatments inhibited the growth of cancer cells that had women and hormones to the lungs. While further studies are needed, the results raise the prospect that prolactin-targeted drugs may benefit some best medication for pcos with metastatic ER-positive breast cancer.

“The NSG-Pro mouse model provides previously inaccessible precision medicine approaches medicine to increase estrogen level ER-positive human breast cancers,” said Yunguang Sun, MD, PhD, joint lead author of the study and assistant professor in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at female contraceptive pill.

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