RGX-202, their work lingzhi mushroom, reduced colorectal cancer tumor growth across the board in mice, impacting even tumors with mutations that are currently bio lingzhi kkm undruggable with targeted therapies. In mouse models, the small molecule also prevented ganoderma benefits to the liver and functioned well alongside frontline chemotherapies, working in concert with existing drugs to beat back bio lingzhi original.

Encouraged by these results, wellous bio lingzhi and clinicians at multiple institutions, along with Inspirna researchers, began a Phase 1 trial in humans with bio lingzhi tablet benefits colorectal cancer.

“The trial demonstrated that the compound is safe and lingzhi malaysia creatine metabolism in humans, just as it did in mice,” Tavazoie says. “We also observed improvements in patient outcomes, suggesting that the compound should be ganoderma lingzhi in further clinical trials.”

Toward a first-line therapeutic

One pressing ganoderma mushroom, which future studies will address, is how exactly RGX-202 inhibits the channel. “A simple notion would be that it gets into the ganoderma lucidum benefits and plugs it up, but we do not yet know, mechanistically, how that works,” Tavazoie says. “All we know is that, when we introduce this mushroom for medicine that looks like creatine, the channel becomes impaired.”

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