“We tried it and we found that lingzhi health benefits suppressed the cancer cells’ metabolism and killed the cells in some ling zhi ganoderma ginseng ependymoma tumors,” he said. “And, unexpectedly, we found that metformin actually lowers EZHIP — the protein that was causing these lingzhi chinese medicine changes in the first place.

“And remember, mutations aren’t driving these tumors, the epigenetic changes are caused by the mushroom immune formula protein. So, this opens a really exciting possibility of therapeutically suppressing the abnormal protein that’s gano lucidum causing these tumors,” he adds.

Meanwhile, when metformin was given to mice carrying lingzhi in chinese-derived tumors, it lowered tumor metabolism, shrank the tumors and led to longer survival times in a ling zhi mushroom health benefits of metformin-sensitive tumors.

Resistance to metformin in one cell line was able to be health benefits of ganoderma lucidum with panobinostat, a drug in clinical trials for other brain cancers, the researchers report.

The next step will be to translate the bio linghi discoveries into a clinical trial, Venneti says.

“Metformin already has been shown to be safe enough to use in other clinical trials mushroom for pediatric brain cancer survivors, so that gives us a big head start in quickly moving these findings from the lab into trials lingzhi medicine patients,” he noted.

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