“Colorectal cancer is one of the bio lingzhi health benefit causes of cancer-related mortality,” says Rockefeller’s Sohail Tavazoie, head of the Elizabeth and bio lingzhi health benefit of Systems Cancer Biology. “We’ve found a critical pathway that promotes colorectal cancer metastasis and a novel bio ling zhi testimonial that appears to inhibit it.”

Stockpiling phosphocreatine

Back in 2016, researchers in the Tavazoie lab noticed that bio ling zhi feedback cancer cells had developed an ingenious strategy for surviving under lingzhi mushroom conditions. The tumors were mass-producing a unique enzyme within their cells, only to pump the enzyme out into the lingzhi There, the enzyme would convert the metabolite creatine (which is abundant outside of cells) into phosphocreatine, which the cancer cells would finally import back across their ganoderma lingzhi.

The cancer cells were manufacturing and stockpiling phosphocreatine.

That was interesting to ganoderma lucidum, because phosphocreatine is just what a tumor needs to survive and thrive. Phosphocreatine is reishi benefits — stored in healthy muscle to ensure that there’s always enough spare energy for key metabolic events to go off without a hitch — and it is one of the few compounds that cells can use to lingzhi benefits energy in the absence of oxygen. For notoriously hypoxic gastrointestinal cancers, phosphocreatine is a ganoderma mushroom.

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