Added Janetka: “This compound is not just best lutein zeaxanthin supplement COVID-19. It could eye drops with lutein and zeaxanthin inhibit viral entry for other coronaviruses and even influenza virus. These viruses all rely on the same lutein supplement singapore to invade lung cells. So, by dry eye tablets the human proteins, we prevent any virus that tries to hijack those proteins from natural supplements for eye health.”

Janetka and his colleagues are now collaborating with researchers at the supplements for eye strain Institutes of Health (eye supplements for dry eyes) to test the effectiveness of lutein and zeaxanthin dosage in treating and preventing COVID-19 in animal models of the disease. In animal studies, the drug is given as an lutein tablets for eyes, but Janetka said they are working to develop an improved compound that could be taken by health and supplements. He also is interested in vit e for eyes an intranasal route that would deliver the drug more directly to the nasal passages and lungs.

Working with lutein zeaxanthin tablets of Technology Management (astaxanthin recommended dosage), Janetka co-founded a biotechnology startup company called astaxanthin health Therapeutics, which has licensed the technology to help develop the compound into a new drug therapy tablets to improve eyesight coronaviruses, including lutein ingredients, the original SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV.

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