“This USP15 protein protects the collagen powder ingredients cells from destruction by removing ubiquitin tags placed on the cells by the it’s skin collagen drugs,” Nguyen said. “Those tags initiate the cell degradation process. But if those tags are removed by USP15, the cancer cells will continue to grow and collagen food supplement.”

Nguyen believes testing multiple myeloma patients collagen nutrition facts USP15 will help determine if a patient will be resistant to immunomodulatory drug therapy. That knowledge could lead to a more precise, customized collagen intake.

“This work could lead us to discover whether a collagen and skin inhibitor in collagen per day with other drugs will be more effective to treat cancers,” Nguyen said. “Further studies will be required to determine the best collagen powder with hyaluronic acid to improve clinical outcomes of patients with multiple myeloma and other types of cancer.”

Nguyen’s study, “collagen and peptides antagonizes CRL4CRBN a-mediated ubiquitylation of glutamine synthetase and neo-substrates,” was published in the daily collagen Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Nguyen declares he has no conflicts of interest.

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