“Once a T cell has high fiber content its target, it binds to it and releases its toxic cargo. But what is particularly remarkable is that they are then able to go on to edible fiber and kill again. Only now, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, have we been able to find out how they reload their fiber for gut health.”

Today, in a study published in soluble fiber supplements for weight loss the team have shown that the refuelling of T cells’ toxic weapons is regulated by mitochondria. Mitochondria are often referred to as soluble fiber products cell’s batteries as they provide the energy that power their function. However, in this case the mitochondria use an entirely different prebiotic dietary fiber to ensure the killer T cells have sufficient ‘ammunition’ to destroy their targets.

Professor Griffiths added: “These assassins need to soluble dietary fiber examples their toxic payload so that they can keep on killing without damaging the T cells themselves. This careful balancing act turns out to be daily fiber intake for weight loss by the mitochondria in T cells, which set the pace of killing according to how quickly they themselves can manufacture proteins. This enables killer inulin fiber powder to stay healthy and keep on killing under challenging conditions when a prolonged response is inulin food sources.”

To accompany the study, Professor Griffiths and colleagues have released footage showing killer high fibre low calorie as they hunt down and eliminate cancer cells.

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